• All-Natural Dog Calming Treats


All-Natural Dog Calming Treats

Your Pup Needs Your Help

Delicious PETLOVE dog calming cookies will calm your anxious dog.

Nothing feels worse than seeing your nervous dog in distress. Separation anxiety, loud noises, traffic, fireworks, old-age, storms, visitors, illness - unfortunately there are many stressors in your pup's life. We know this all too well as we went on the journey of trying to find something to help our anxious rescue dog, Coco. We wanted a simple, clean treat to soothe her when she got stressed.  Nothing we tried worked consistently, so we decided to make our own!  Our treats are tasty, 100% vegan & organic, and are guaranteed to calm your dog for hours.

Only the best for our dog, and yours!


"Ms. Maggie, my golden retriever, has awful anxiety but it has improved so much with these treats - she gobbles them up."

Macy B.

"Two of my elderly dogs have severe anxiety and were on meds but I didn't like the fact that prolonged use could be harmful to their organs so I wanted to switch to something natural. They have been on these hemp dog treats for a few months and have been weaned off of the meds."

Delia C.

"Great. My dogs are so much calmer during storms."

Vince C.